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A passionate team of developers helping you keep your business dreams alive. We are managing your website or online shop so that you can focus more on your dream and not on technical endeavors.

Regular updates

Plugins, themes, and core is updated in a timely manner following any release. Your site updates are performed on a weekly basis or even daily based on your plan. They are handled by our team during low-traffic hours, ensuring that updates have not adversely affected the security, performance, or user experience of your site. Based on your plan we can perform the updates on your staging server before pushing them live so that it will not create any downtimes or issues for your client facing website or shop.

Content edits

Send the content our way. We’ll verify it and publish it to your site. We can do edits to content on any page, changing banners, headers or footers, changing plugin settings, CSS adjustments, blog content or context edits, adding a new landing page, formatting landing pages, changing images or text, adding coupon codes or updating shopping carts. These do not include custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to HTML or template, creation of content or building out a new website.

Optimizations for speed

We use multiple techniques to help boost the speed of your website, from managed hosting with web server level caching (different setups using Nginx, Varnish, Redis, Litespeed Enterprise server), to dedicated plugins for application caching (JS/CSS/HTML minizations and caching) and media optimizations (image and video optimizations), and last but not least the use of content delivery networks (CDN) that will speed up the load times of your content all around the world.

Cloud Backups

Site files and database backed up daily or multiple times a day, based on the plan you chose, to an external cloud storage and will be accessible for disaster recovery. The process is fully automated and all your backups are safely stored on cloud servers. What’s more, restoring your website is fast and there’s always a team available to help if you should run into any trouble.

Proactive Security

We will install and configure a pro-active firewall in order to block unwanted attacks and will do regular scans to check for unauthorized file changes and malware. These security measures are unique for every website or shop we manage, which means a there’s customized solution for everyone. Our security engineers will scan the site regularly, in order to check the site for any vulnerable areas such as outdated themes and/or plugins with known vulnerabilities. In case of malware will scan the site again and clear out all malware. From that point onwards the site will be checked for any vulnerable areas and put into a 24/7 monitoring schedule.

Strategy for growth

You will always be up to date with your website’s performance, security, uptime, and Analytics reporting in order to find the best strategy for growing your business online. We try to find solutions that have a significant positive impact on the websites we manage so that it can scale easier and bring you more clients. This is an ongoing process so as long as we manage your website or shop we will always try to help you grow your business.

Meet our clients

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It’s easy to run an online business while the technical aspects are taken care of by the team at Veziro.

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“Before working with Veziro, I have lost so many evenings and weekends trying to keep up with the technical updates and optimization issues of my shop. Now, the team at Veziro takes care of my online shop’s maintenance, and I can relax and focus on my core business.”
Tanit Immobilier
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"My real estate agency was having difficulties with the website speed and search rankings. Fortunately, someone recommended the team at Veziro and once they started working on the maintenance of the site and have optimized it, search rankings have grown exponentially."
DanStartup Accelerator
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"While investing in startups we saw that our businesses were struggling to maintain their websites updated, backed up, and secured. Now with the help of Veziro, our startups can focus more on building their products instead of on website maintenance."
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Starting a small business meant that I had to be careful with my expenses and be sure that each service I pay, will have a good return on investment. For us, having a healthy online presence meant that we could keep our business alive even in 2020 times. All thanks to the Veziro team that helped us to keep our websites updated and optimized.

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"The team at Veziro made it easy for me to experiment with different business ideas, while my websites were taken care of perfectly."
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Olivia S.
Valued business owner and customer

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