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We are placing health on the first place at Veziro, so we are offering you full health insurance coverage and many great discounts from our fitness partners.

For many company managers working remotely is translated into not being able to track and make employees work. We think differently, we empower our colleagues to provide the best services from wherever they feel best suited for their lives.

We all need time to disconnect and relax. With that in mind we are providing you with more days of vacations per year then the average. Need an hour or two to deal with personal chores, no problem, just give a heads up to your colleagues.  

We know that losing time with a slow PC is not productive, so we are investing in high quality equipment so that you can focus on providing a quality service to our clients.

Eager to learn a new skill or to improve those you have ? we are more than happy to help you along the way, while providing you a paid access to a physical library and many online courses, as well as paid certifications, and last but not least, monthly dedicated hours for trainings.

The team at Veziro is like a family, we care about each other, we meet up regularly for dinners and drinks, we play different sports together, and last but not least try to be there when we need help the most.

Sales development representative

Passionate about sales? Think that you have what it needs to present a project to a person you never seen before?
1 open

Customer success specialist

Have experience with at a well known CMS ? Listening is your secret power? Do you tend to spend your time helping others ?
1 open

Full-stack engineer

Writing code is as easy as saying Hello World ? Are you a friend of Commit ? Are you object oriented ?
1 open

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